I don't know if it's mania but

Certain things when they excite me I cannot let go. I’m already making plans to get married. But he’s not even ready yet. :flushed: He said it’s ok to be excitrd but not over. He always says I get way over excited about things. But I don’t feel I do. I don’t know if it’s a manic symptom or just natural feeling.

Also says I have certain triggers that over excite me but I don’t think that’s how bipolar works.

It doesn’t sound like mania.
Maybe you get excited easily

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Well that’s exactly what I’m trying to tell him .he wishes I wouldn’t get overexcited and thinks it’s part of having bipolar. Quite frankly I don’t think I have it.

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He is not excited?

He is excited but not to the extent I am .I want to get married as soon as but tends to take things at a slower pace. Took me this long to meet his parents.

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I think it’s normal to be excited at such things like an engagement or weddings.
Just make sure it doesn’t go overboard.

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Enjoy being together. Be careful not to push so much that he changes his mind.

Just look at it this way… he probably wants to be married to only one person. That’s a sign of someone who is very thoughful, and thinks long term.

Added bonuses. Enjoy being in love. I know it’s tough, but I think you can do it!

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