I don't know if I'm delusional or not

Something keeps telling me that I am going to be one the most powerful beings in this whole universe. A voice keeps telling me that.

I’d say that’s a thought of grandeur and you are having some delusional thoughts.

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Sounds pretty delusional to me.

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You sound like Trump. jk


It would be a delusion if you believed it.
It seems like you have the insight to question it.

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you can have insight and be delusional though rare

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That’s not really what I mean though. He said he had an auditory hallucination that said something that isn’t true. Voices do that all the time.

A delusion is more of a false belief.

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It might not be true.

I also suffer from grandiosity but much less on meds. Sometimes I think I can cure sz, I know its a delusion and that its impossible.

If you beleive that you r delusional

i felt like i was going to become the next che guevara,that was a long time too tired too think now lol.