I don't know if I should apply for the permanent post

I am working through an agency and I got an interview to apply for my own job, but permanent.

I also don’t like what my manager did. She was going to accept me into the hospitals internal agency, I went through the occi health checks and security checks to be told they not accepting more staff into their internal agency. The manager had also told me it’s more tricky to hire agency staff because it cost more money.

Here is the dilemma, I am supposed to be going on holiday on the interview date. It’s not booked and it can be postponed.

i thought you and your family were well off…why add the burden of a full time permanent position?

It’s exactly the job I do now except it would be permenant and won’t have to go through agency. So makes the job secure. Not well off btw …we.have a mortgage to pay.

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Plus I work because it makes me feel empowered


i’d do it if you think its right, better being permanent if you think you’ll be around for a while :slight_smile: is it part time ish i am curious :slight_smile:
you must be high functional :wink:


Permanent over here means some advantages like sick pay and holidays. You’ve just got to weigh it up but those things can make a big difference if you end up needing time off.


It’s full time 8-4

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Yes exactly this.

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