I don't know if I can feel love

I’m sorry you got triggered I hope you can get some rest and feel better!! Thank you for responding!!

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Seems like your having a problem with feeling worthy of love? Do you have low self esteem?

I cannot feel positive emotions on my meds, maybe meds aren’t the cause? Its been years and im pretty clueless now to why i have little emotion

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Sometimes I feel unworthy of love but overall I’ve gotten a lot better about that.

It’s more like

Someone: tells/shows me they love me*

Me: ok cool this person loves and cares about me and values me

-5 minutes goes by and we part ways

Me: … but what if they don’t

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That is quite understandable. Not strange, with your background. I’m happy you no longer feel unworthy altogether. It’s normal that it’s still difficult like that.