I don't know how to solve this

I so SO badly need my own place again. But I see no viable way of doing so right now. First of all notice about admission status for my nursing program doesn’t come out until April…if I made it in, I don’t start it until the fall, and it lasts like 15 months. It will be very difficult for me to have a job while doing this. I’m already struggling now with my part time job and school and my school now is much less intensive than it will be.

If by horrible luck I do not get accepted, I have to start looking for psych tech jobs…and since I am so unqualified…I don’t know how long it would be or what certifications I’d need to get before I could get hired…so I’d still be stuck at home for a while.

My parents do their best to give me space but it’s really just not feasible. And living with many other people is so much more complicated than living by yourself in general.


You’re lucky to have the option of living with your parents. Do you pay your parents any money to live with them?

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While it is good to acknowledge ones’ blessings I find counting them does not erase the issues one may have.

“You should feel grateful…” “you should feel lucky…” “other people are worse off…” are statements that ultimately intend to make a person feel guilty about their feelings. But you can’t guilt someone out of their emotions, it just makes the person then feel worse because now on top of having bad feelings they now feel guilty about having those bad feelings.

I was looking at your situation solely from a financial perspective.


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hah I was just having similar complaints yesterday…

If my parents let me move back in rent free I’d do it in a second


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