I don't know how to approach the subject to mum - Dating

He seems so sweet and decent and completely understands my illness. I am meeting him on Sunday and if it goes well I’m not sure how to approach he subject because mum does not like Muslims. Granted the guy is an atheist and clearly NOT muslim… he doesn’t follow the traditions at all… but mum will not accept him because of his background. He is also 4 years younger. I’m not sure how to approach the subject.

If your Mother is unhappy, she’ll let you know some how.

A quote from a computer game I play :wink:

“If Momma ain’t Happy, Nobody Happy!”

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how old are you? if he treats you good and makes you happy, who cares what your mom thinks. I mean, to an extent. she is your mother. but if she wants to judge him on his past then tell her kindly that her opinion doesn’t matter

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This isn’t a dating advice site.

Take some advice from my good friend Hank from King of the Hill. Treat your boyfriend like a nice, tender, juicy steak. And treat your mother like your hypothetical guests that are coming to eat steak. If you like medium-rare- and your mom likes well done, ask her kindly, yet firmly, to stop.


just remember to say asalamwalankium (“peace be upon you” in arabic). You should be just fine. Be honest with your mom and if she doesnt understand follow your heart. Always follow your heart… in everything. Just ask yourself, Is this choice beautiful or is this choice ugly? And then go with beauty.

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