I don't how much I'm going to hold out much longer

I having to suffer from an entity being it’s Guinee pig for so many years as my mind is getting Brian damaged. I don’t know how long my mind is going to hold out after all this. All I have is my crazy notes left over the years


I don’t understand.
Could you explain?

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Try to convince yourself that there is no entity all you have is an illness and its not real, keep telling yourself that…

My entity calls himself my higher power, my Self, my higher self, and the Ultimate Deity! I know exactly what you’re going through. I experience it from aloneness, but when I knew people I still had him a tyrant.

Don’t link to your Facebook. Please keep anonymous.

I would love to brain decompress you

What is that supposed to mean?


why do you care ?

Because you replied to me?


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