I don't hear voices anymore but thought broadcasting won't stop

My old doctor had prescribed me ilosure-tablet. Please Google the medicine I am not yet allowed to post links.

My new doc has prescribed me Sizopin (Clozapine)

I dont hear voices any more but the above medication has no effect on my thought broadcasting.
When I told her about my situation she just increased the dosage but if has no effect.

This feeling is driving me crazy. Any ideas ?

Doctors always JUST INCREASE DOSAGE, it pisses me off. Tell your doctor next time you see them, let them know how you feel.

Had mine reduced in the past. Currently increased because of social and cognitive load I’m dealing with at my day job. My psychiatrist has me booked to see a therapist with the goal of identifying coping strategies at work so I can find better ways to manage positive symptoms than through just meds. This is covered by my benefits at my job and also my wife’s plan, so I’m happy he suggested it.

I did told her about my situation 2 times and she increased the dosage both the times. I am having this feeling that no meds will cure me but what I need is will power to overcome these symptoms.

Have you tried Haldol? It might actually stop the thought broadcasting.