I don't have very thick skin

It’s gotten thicker as I’ve gotten older but I believe I am very insecure. I’m not one who masks their insecurities with grandiosity. More like I hide in a shell. I hate when ppl disagree just to disagree and “give people ■■■■” for no reason. I don’t find it amusing, I don’t get it. Maybe I’m sensitive. Rather than insecure. Do you think this is part of the schizophrenic disposition or just certain ppl. I think many of us have faced a lot of abuse in life.

I don’t know turningthepage. but if you try to reach out to someone, even in real life, so to speak, you may find they rub you the right way instead of the wrong?

like they, he, she, might make you feel better. friendship may even happen if you are lucky.

hugs to you, judy

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I have one good friend. He roots for me. And is “chill”.

Most of the ppl at the sober house poked fun at each other all day. They know I didn’t like it so they did it indirectly to me. I don’t get why ppl can’t live with being nice…even if you’re just “friends” doing it. Oh well

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hi turning the page. I have no friends, zero zilch.

people at work make fun of me a whole lot. I am trained to ignore it. doesn’t mean I don’t feel the mockery they make of myself.

I also don’t see what’s wrong with people acting nice… judy

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turningthepage and ifeelblessed, it is pain that makes people not nice. Remember that next time someone is mean. That person is suffering.


No, it is a disposition many people take as a natural response to society. It’s not even “certain people” who develop these mindsets, while consistency in political theatre distracts us this: schizophrenia is more than just a brain disease: Schizophrenia is a historically oppressive label used to undermine a powerful and free society.

Typical of sober living environments. Gotta consider the source. (“We didn’t become alkies by singing too loud in church.”)

I poke fun at people quite a bit. It’s fun to razz people. I’ve learned to have thicker skin, I’ve been pretty sensitive most of my life.
I find when I’m hypomania that’s when I do it a lot.

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Thats my problem too. The other day I saw something that hurted me pretty much and I took 5 pills to make the feeling gone.

If someone eventually start acting strange or lessen a communication with me I immediately think its my fault.
Low confidence I think.


My in-laws like to tease each other and “try to get a rise out of” each other. It used to make me feel threatened, but I’ve gotten used to it and now find it, at the worst, merely annoying. It’s just something they do because they’re bored with their lives.


For me it depends on who pokes…

I have one brother and an Aunt who I don’t get along with so when they something I never see it as harmless fun… I see it as an attack.

But people who I know love me… people who have always been on my side, I’m able to lighten up with them a lot easier.

I’m trying to work on a thick skin. I do think it’s thicker now then it used to be.

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I think that a lot of people with mental illness are hypersensitive - its not just a schizophrenia thing.

I am very sensitive to the point where I will avoid certain situations or social events.

I dont do well with certain individuals - instead of getting triggered, I will avoid and hide - this is common with people suffering from anxiety or depression

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Thanks for all your guys support! I liked almost every post in this thread for good reason too… They merited likes. Peace