I don't have anything against boomers!

I made a post in Say Anything about a “boomer car meet” and using that term may have offended someone. Or it didn’t and it’s my imagination. But these mothf****rs, ever since home depot moved across the street, have been having car meets. It’s not fair. This was a quiet neighborhood in the hills. Unfortunately there’s a major street next to us and home frickin depot used dynamite to carve out a massive parking lot for their business and now anyone can just meet up there for whatever they want.

Sorry for using the word boomer. If anyone was offended, I apologize. I’m apologizing because I think people are mad at me. My evidence for this is based on nothing but I feel I’m an a******. Okay, maybe I’m the one being childish but we in this neighborhood were here first and this g****** parking lot comes and brings people and crowds. I could be making a design on a sunday and suddenly hear someone on a loudspeaker address a crowd. And then the music starts and I’m stuck with noise until the end.

I’m sorry. F*** home depot. They already had one in this city but apparently it wasn’t enough.

Lowe’s is a lot better.


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