I dont have any talent

Im not good in anything

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You’re good at drawing and gaming.


No im not good…i am avarage

I think you’re really good !

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I think i am not

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Most people are average. That’s what makes the word have its meaning.


However, you don’t have to be amazing at something to have talent. You can be average.

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I dont like avarage. It means i am worthless

Well, that’s fundamentally not true. Being amazing at stuffing a whole bag of marshmallows in your mouth means you have a talent, but it’s a pretty worthless talent.

Whereas being averaged means you’re no more or less worthy than the next person. Not worthless. Your mere existence holds worth.

I am worthless ok

Do you think I’m worthless?

I don’t have any talents. And by your logic, that makes me worthless.

Im worthless if you want to be worthless you can be

Why do you want to be worthless?

Becouse it’s awesome

Cool. Have fun.

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Are you worthless .?

Nope. Feel useless sometimes, but not worthless.

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What is your worth then?

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I planted flowers last week. So I’m helping bees and butterflies. And I’m coaching a youth soccer league. And my family depends on me. I make a lot of people laugh. I cook and clean. I’m good at listening to people when they need to talk and do it often.