I don't give a rip about children

I’m finally being honest about it. It’s a relief to admit it.


children give me a lot of stress… i’m glad i don’t see my nieces and nephew too much now with corona measures.


I can handle kids for a bit and feed them but not for too long, they become clingy.


Wouldn’t it just be faster to list the things you aren’t bitter about?


Yes, because I can’t think of any.


hehehe =D that’s kinda funny


I don’t think this is a statement to feel bad about at all. Kids are notoriously exhausting to be around. I’m glad you’re saying it out loud. Sometimes it’s good to find that lots of people share the same feelings.

Kids aren’t my favorite either. They consistently break social norms which gives me more social anxiety than I normally have. They’re unpredictable and often times not amicable.

It’s not their fault. They’re still learning how to be decent people. Plus a lot of what they learn comes from adults who aren’t always decent people themselves. The kid doesn’t get a choice in who they get to learn from. I get that. But all it means is that I prefer to avoid interacting with children when I can. That’s all.


That is very well said, @bittercat


Thank you. I hope it helps you feel a bit better. I think the feeling is very normal.

It’s just this tradition and belief in our society that you have to have children.

I’m happy for the people that chose to have a family.

I know several with regrets.

I’ve got none when it comes to children.

Giving my son to his loving parents was the best thing I’ve ever done.

For all involved.


wasn’t it hard to give your kid away?

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It was incredibly hard,

The most difficult thing I’ve ever done.

But we got to know the baby’s parents all through my pregnancy and I knew I was doing the right thing.

His daddies were so loving and ready for him.

My husband and I were not ready, not at all.

Initially, I didn’t even want to go through with the pregnancy.


yea i can understand that it must be really hard… I mean you carried it in you and then delivered it and then giving it away, i can only imagine how hard that must be.

But i’m glad that your son has good loving parents =)


Kids are great! I want a kid or two I’d make a great dad!!


I loved my pregnancy,

It was really beautiful.

And the dads were there when he was born,

That was also very special.

We still talk every couple weeks, via video chat.

He knows I’m his mom and stuff.

We have a very open relationship.

It’s really the best of both worlds.


ah nice to hear you can still speak to him regularly.

I think it’s brave what you did!

sounds like it was busy experience when he was born with all the people there… but that could be really nice too i think.


We get to see him about every year too.

He and his family live abroad so we’d see them more if they were in the states.

Fortunately, they plan on moving back soon.

On the other coast, but still closer than the other side of the world.

We’ll get to see him more and it’ll be great.

And delivery was very busy.

My husband was there, the daddies and my sister.

Quite the experience.


That made me laugh out loud.


Laughing out loud

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i’m glad you still get to see him. It must be nice to still see him grow up huh.

also good to hear they moving back to the states. Will be nice to see him more often.

Was busy at the delivery but you had a lot of support too i think that way, so that is nice.