I don't get paranoid

Other than the feeling sometimes that people don’t like me every now and then but I feel it’s cos of the years of bullying that I went through.

I don’t have symptoms of psychosis on meds but I do tend to get moody every now and then. I think they’ll take me off pip pretty soon as I got on it cos of my hospital stay.

I wonder if I don’t have paranoid sz but some other type of sz.


Schizoaffective maybe?
Because of the mood

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No I know but I mean type of sz on its own. Think it could be undifferentiated.

Or maybe bipolar

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Do you have hebephrenia or catatonia or paranoia?
I don’t think so

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No but first dx was undifferentiated sz then paranoid type but I rarely get paranoid.

Sometimes I go through phases thinking the same thing but my psychosis was quite intense.

The DSM got rid of All the different categories
It’s now simply schizophrenia

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a lot of changed in a decade…

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