I don't get it

Everyone keeps telling me I’m delusional. I’ve spent years objectively analysing my experiences and they don’t contradict reality.

One small example:

I was talking to a powerful man who everyone tells me was confabulated. I love music so as I always ask anyone I’m getting to know I asked him “What music are you into?” He answered " The Bangles."

I read in an interview published after our conversation that the real man loves The Bangles.

Another example.

We talked about gay marriage. He told me a referendum was announced for 2015. I randomly stumbled across an site years later that said it had been announced as that date around the time I talked to him. At the time I was ( apparently) too “unwell” ( busy IMO ) to have watched the news or heard it anywhere. I live alone too so I didn’t hear anyone talk about it.


I cut and pasted this in the more appropriate place to give everyone a deeper context:

I had a long conversation with a politician in which he gave me degree level economics knowledge. It’s dismissed as “You read it somewhere.”


I live in a working class area and only have a second level school education and a few computer certificates. I know no one whose studied economics. I’ve never been interested in, nor have I read, watched or discussed, economics with anyone before that in my life beyond seeing news reports.

We were simply talking over a pint about the state of the economy during the recession because it was a current topic and got deep enough into it where he described how the government runs the economy.

After I was diagnosed I researched all my experiences. Everything the politician said to me was entirely accurate


You might enjoy this interview. I dont think everyone really understands what its like to be living diagnosed for years/and the stigma and shame that comes along with a misunderstanding society and culture.

Thanks Gab. I’ll listen when I have the time.

I told the shrink when he says I was grandiose “You only think it’s grandiose because you place other’s in hierarchies. I don’t. Everyone’s just another bloke or bird time.”

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