I dont get all the information

what is this,somebody knows? i make so many efforts to understand the info around me that it drives me insane. sometimes i dont even get it,its like i am not listening but in fact i am in my own world of desperation then. is it schizo not to get the info around you? does it gets better with meds? somebody who got through this?

I understand what you are saying. I have had trouble processing all of the information my whole life. Two things that I focus on regularly are not worrying about anything and not thinking too much. I want peace and happiness inspite of schizophrenia. All of the information is not for me to figure out anyways.

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yeah,i think i do the same thing erratica. hope the meds will kick in slowly…i am on my 10th day of haldol and dont feel a progress. i was a little bit aggressive today :confused:

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