I don't feel well. How to avoid relapse? Please help

Hello. I was diagnosed 10yrs ago with paranoid schizophrenia. I haven’t had any relapse since 2011. Unfortunately have been under lots of pressure lately (lots of life changes) and my head starting playing up again. Started to have withdrawal symptoms, some paranoid thoughts and very low mood. I have been constantly on meds since 2011 Amuselpride 100mg. Seeing my GP tomorrow but frankly am quite scared. Can you please help me how I can manage myself better, any tips how to avoid vicious circle (low mood, paranoid thoughts, lower mood, more paranoid thoughts…). I have been doing really great and don’t want to jeopardize it… Any constructive input would be much appreciated.

It is best to get enough rest in when the symptoms start to increase. Try and avoid stress at all cost. Talk to your pdoc about how you are feeling. Maybe he can adjust your meds just a little bit for awhile to help you through this rough spot.


Hi Fellowman, thank you for a reply. I am trying to get rest but avoiding stress is really hard. I am working in mental health (oh irony…) and started uni course last Sept. I started to think I have overdone it… social anxiety rocketed up and I started to have more and more absences… I talk to my personal tutor next week and want to reveal that I need more support. At the same time don’t want to ask any help as thinking that I don’t really need it/deserve it (???). It’s difficult to ask for help especially my last GP dismissed me when I said I need some therapy saying that she doesn’t see the reason for that… how are YOU coping with every day life? It is so exhausting, I don’t think I have strength anymore…

Anyway thank you. Med increase sounds like a good idea even though I hate these meds to pieces… I will try to be reasonable. Good luck with everything.

If you have a support network in place – spouse, family, friends – talk to them ASAP about what is happening, what could happen, and how you would like for them to deal with the situation. This way, if you start to decline, they can help you get medical care in accordance with your wishes. That’s the setup I have for myself.

Please let us know how it goes. Rooting for you.



@Fellowman Your life sounds like a dream… I envy you… you are definitely right we need to look after ourselves. I need to understand I am my best friend not worst enemy. Probably these things I do in my life, longing to some ideal self which is hard to achieve for a healthy person not to mention with our disorder start to work against me, start to be too much… I have been living in total denial, not accepting my diagnose. Just taking meds (after relapse caused by putting them away…) and not ever thinking about since last release from the ward. I have always told myself: they were episodes. Not a full illness. It will go away. Only yesterday I borrowed a book re the illness from my uni library cause I sensed sth is wrong again and realized I am reading about myself. I cried a few hours afterwards, 10yrs after diagnose and two suicidal attempts when voices told me to do it… THIS IS madness. Not schizophrenia itself… I really need to look after myself. Learn to relax, understand that I AM enough… thank you. I never talk with anyone about my struggles. I do really appreciate your time and kindness. Maybe this community will help me to feel more connected, understood… wish you all the best. I will really use your advice.

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@Pixel thank you very much for your supportive words. Unfortunately I don’t have a big social circle where I live. It’s only me and my fiance who I live with. My family and friends are in my home country. I came to England after my last episode and it’s very difficult for me to make new friends… I don’t want to share my struggles with people from my home country as they would be worried too much. Me far away and them knowing what may happen (they had been through my relapses always in the past)- it would be very selfish to tell them. My partner also has had enough of me, was through my last relapse and I don’t want my illness to affect my relationship. Although to tell him my crisis plan is a brilliant idea. Will do it for sure. Thank you. Fortunately he is very supportive and when I am in his presence I feel very safe and all anxieties go away. It’s only when I am alone or surrounded by strangers or when there are too many people (like lectures) I feel insecure and paranoid. Only, heh, it means most of the time. He is now next to me and his presence is very soothing to my mind. It doesn’t wander, my emotions are stable. I think that exactly-lack of social support outside home may worsen my state. I need to deal with it somehow. Maybe call home more often? Talk to my many-years-friends on the phone? Friendly familiar voices may help. Thank you. I will fight. There is a way…

May I ask from which country you’re from?

@Fellow man Poland

@Fellowman where are you from?

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@Fellowman thank you for a nice welcome. I really do appreciate it

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@Fellowman thanks. Good luck with everything

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Do a web search of “relapse prevention of paranoid schizophrenia”. There are certain things you can do to avoid relapse. Some are simple like getting enough sleep, keeping your sleeping patterns regular, eating right, getting exercise, have some kind of strong support system, do something fun occasionally etc.