I dont feel well and my mother says to me that ill never recover

I am at a point that I think that the people from the tv are talking In a way to me… that they are helping me by their attitude yeah :confused: I am fed up of this…
my schizo friend(girl) has a social life, has boyfriends, friends and family.and me, I am alone. almost nobody to call me on the phone to ask me how do I do…
yeah, I spent 6 years smoking weed in complete loneliness, nice hein?

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It’s different for everybody. Don’t judge yourself by what your friend is doing.

yeah but I am stuck between 4 walls since years… I am more than tired of this :frowning: she goes out this girl, she sees people, she is loved… and theres nothing for me… I wanna die, really. I don’t see the light in this tunnel anymore. I just wanna be fine and I am so stupid right now… I make hysteries in front of my mother

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be sure to cut out the pot smoking, won’t help you in recovery. I have two friends that I talk to and that is enough for me.

Eat sleep pray you’ll be ok. Sometimes I feel exactly the same but we can’t afford to loose. They invested too much into you to let you go this easily. Get some sunlight!=serotonin=happiness=astral traveling

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ive cut it since years. I didn’t smoke since 7 years and it isn’t fine… but yes, maybe it was bad for me with my illness… now I cant even get a movie and it lasts since years people!!! help!!! I wanna die!!! and nobody to help me now. I cant go in and out in the hospitals forever, I gave them enough with my body and soul :frowning:

ok, thanks haete

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What do you want to do this weekend

remember it is a temporary feeling… if you do feel consistently this way, see your pdoc and tell him/ her you are feeling this way. a simple med adjustment might change the picture

nothing. now my desire for everything is gone. I am just suicidal

There is something you desire! It’s love and peace


yeah… and what about my messy brain? the fact that I don’t catch up a movie? will the peace will help? I doubt it now sorry to be negative right now

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I look at my brain as an experiment…but all you have to do is talk to me. Then your wish will be granted. On a.calm summer morning.the Sun rise, the wind blowing through the uncut grass walla

I am not a crap, I am a human being and I am fed up of listening to this shitty mother who always says me that I should live with this situation and isolation. that is hould take the habit to live between 4 walls!!! but wtf? the people on the tv, I take them personnaly already, really a schizo thing…I cant take it anymore!!!

They are talking to us. You just have to relax. You must fulfill your destiny . What’s stressing you out?

I had this where I thought the tv and radio were referring to me. They call it “ideas of reference”. I had it when I was in psychosis and the Haldol helped me out of it. Hope this helps a little…

my suggestion is to force yourself to interact with people, that’s how I had to do it, and I was just as bad, if not worse, than you are describing now. admittedly I had help in the form of a Marine Captain who wouldn’t get off my back, but that was traumatic in its own way.

don’t let what your mother said be your truth love yourself.

oh ok dollar, yes, I definitely have this right now… I take almost everything personally so I increase my zyprexa. Haldol gave me some terribles sides effects.
dremulf, yeah I try to interact with people now but after 13 years of isolation I became quite tough right now. I almost shout at the people its hard. I don’t know who will could stay next to me cause I cant handle a lot of things still…
otherwise, thank you to all, your help is precious for me right now :slight_smile:

The tv, radio, internet, all media for that fact, I fee,l is talking to me or worse DIRECTLY ABOUT me. It has driven me to the point of insanity. You will NEVER get used to it but try to COPE with it.