I don't feel motivated to study

It’s boring, I know I need to study to have a better future, but I feel unmotivated, very unmotivated.

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I don’t have classmates, I’m the only student and it’s depressing

Just do what you’re passionate for. Don’t worry about trying to fix your weaknesses, work on your strengths. Basing this on Gary Vaynerchuk quotes.

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Some Tips

  1. Study in small chunks at a time.

  2. Do something you enjoy before, during, and after studying.

  3. Reward yourself after reaching a study goal.


How about making a study group for anything aside from your class? For me it was helpful when I wasn’t motivated to study. Plus, It gives you socializing opportunities. It is really hard to study when people are not around because studying, in my opinion, is a battle with yourself doing it alone. I’m still struggling with loneliness when I stuck in a library, but I participate in the group study once a week to cheer me up. :upside_down_face:


Thanks, I’ll try that


Don’t give up man. Studying will reward you in the future. Everybody has potential and whilst some don’t fructify that potential because it’s hard you shan’t give up.

Try studying with a lot of long breaks, it is what helped me. Also there are some meds that increase your motivation and negative symtoms (the second generation)

Talk with your pdoc about it, studying and going to school to learn is what young adult life is all about


If you find something that interests you learning can be fun (spaß). Es ist spaß lernen. Look it up.

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