I don't feel like I can fully recover

I just don’t feel like I can fully recover from this illness. I have no symptoms apart from paranoia now and then. I couldn’t hold down a job and I couldn’t have a partner. I just feel stuck, so stuck.


Exact same as me. I’ve just adjusted to accept it now though.

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The thinking is that people can’t fully recover yet. After doing some research I’ve come to believe that it is genetic in root. So it’s not something you can just wish away or that is related to your attitudes or behavior.

It’s something that is inherited. It has to do with gene mutations. Possibly that the nerve wiring becomes more vulnerable to stress. I have Charcot Marie tooth which causes degeneration of myline. It was not thought to affect the brain but new studies suggest what I thought, that there is a link between mylination and bipolar and schizophrenia.

There is no cure for mylination yet. The cure may involve orthomolecular treatment and antipsychotics have also been implicated as being helpful because they help with the effect of the toxicity but not all of them.

Some day I know there will be a scientific cure but only after our broken healthcare system is fixed.


Interesting. I had an MRI done and one of the things in the report said I could have a demyelinating disease, which is basically what you’re talking about. I have a pineal cyst, a white spot in my frontal lobe, and various small white spots all over my brain. The most likely cause is migraines.

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Yes it is! There’s an article on among other articles about this.

White matter changes in schizophrenia: evidence for myelin-related dysfunction.

Davis KL, et al. Arch Gen Psychiatry. 2003.
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Numerous lines of inquiry implicate connectivity as a central abnormality in schizophrenia. Myelination and factors that affect myelination, such as the function of oligodendroglia, are critical processes that could profoundly affect neuronal connectivity, especially given the diffuse distribution of oligodendrocytes and the widespread distribution of brain regions that have been implicated in schizophrenia. Multiple lines of evidence now converge to implicate oligodendroglia and myelin in schizophrenia. Imaging and neurocytochemical evidence, similarities with demyelinating diseases, age-related changes in white matter, myelin-related gene abnormalities, and morphologic abnormalities in the oligodendroglia demonstrated in schizophrenic brains are all examined in light of the hypothesis that oligodendroglial dysfunction and even death, with subsequent abnormalities in myelin maintenance and repair, contribute to the schizophrenic syndrome.

I feel like I can become a happy old coot in my older ages with my disorder. There comes a time when I will hopefully have ascended beyond feelings like anger and will also hopefully make ammends with the few spirits I did anger.

Will i ever 100% recover, returning back to my prior-to-SZ state when I was 23? Probably not, as my mind does enjoy hallucinating as a form of pleasure. I don’t know what I’m suppose to do when I actually look forward to some of them.

damage is done, none of us can really fully heal…even if there was a magical cure which wont be in our life time, the permanent damage is done…

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I might never fully recover but I believe it is possible. I don’t suffer much anymore.

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Nah your not stuck life goes on. You may feel like this in the moment. But there are many moments. Life is short when you realize all your dreams had been crushed by something that wasn’t your fault anyway. Keep living

Exactly the same.
I don’t think I can fully recover either.
But I think I’ll be satisfied with 70 or 80% recovery.
I don’t think I’ll ever be able to hold a full-time job, but I accept it.
I don’t have a job, (and I don’t have a partner for that matter, which I’m OK with), but I still have many happy moments and can enjoy myself.
These moments can be brief as I get unwell so often.
I get irritated by that, but I get by.

But I don’t accept this illness or life with this illness 100% cos I’ve missed out on a lot due to this illness.
There’s still sadness and anger with that fact.

Though I’m getting better and better, I’m beginning to enjoy life as other ppl without this illness do. And I almost feel like letting go of my past full of suffering.

So I hope you’ll get better too, and start to enjoy life, then all the pain and suffering will definately pay off.

Was the mri covered by your health insurance?

I don’t think that I will fully recover from SZA, and now I have Dementia to look forward to.

My Mother and her sister, my Aunt, both suffer from Dementia - My Aunt has been spending some time with us in our House - she is suffering from Capgras Delusions, she thinks that an imposter has replaced her daughter!

Dementia is Hereditary, it’s just a matter of time before I am afflicted with pure Madness!

I am 51 years old now, it will probably start in my late 60s or early 70s - I am going to start looking for reputable Nursing Homes - Assisted living centers in the vicinity, close to my brother.

■■■■ I don’t need this ■■■■ in my life!

The much maligned niacin supplement may protect you against dementia.

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Yes it was.

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They don’t have a cure for sz, so all they can do is treat the symptoms. Work with your doctor so you can get the med’s and treatment best suited for you. The thing to do is make the best of your situation.

And it’s hopeful to think that you are getting better. A positive outlook can change so much. I just learned to better use my telephone. It’s really hard to function when you have trouble with telephones…but I kept at it, and now it’s better. Also, I quit smoking, and my breathing has improved. And I drink a tonne of water to help compensate for a lot of things. Overall, when you can’t recover, you can still make your life better.

I feel the same i’m sick of my government trying to pressure me into looking for work because i’m under 35,
and being harrassed by drs and so forth. I can barely leave the house sometimes.
I have a carer though

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