I don't feel as afraid of the world anymore!

I’ve been taking propanolol for 2 days for my high blood pressure and physical anxiety and I feel like a new man. Before I was terrified of human interactions now I can have it and not think twice about it. This really is a game changer, I feel like I might even be able to hold down a job and move out of my mom’s house. I feel so ashamed to have to be taken care of by my mom. She deserves to be free too. I was going to be an EMT before, maybe now I can go back.


ask your mom before you do, sometimes people feel better having someone to take care of, it might make her feel better having you around, so don’t feel like burden if you don’t know for sure

As for the rest? good for you, I took prop for a while but it stopped working for me eventually, it felt amazing at the time it did work tho

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Thats Great to be positive like That, Great start on a New med, i felt a Change When i started my med but Maybe not as big and it was hard to notice straight away but it is amazing if it happens, i wish you continued success on your New med, take Care