I don't even care about looking buff

It’s such a mission to gym it’s just not my thing. What’s the point of looking big. Fok that. Is it even worth it ?

Fox out


I have never gone for the buff type. Healthy, yes, but not buff. I have always liked the average man. So don’t worry about being buff. It’s not for everyone.

I’m not fit, but my body looks okay. I have no butt, though. What I wouldn’t do for a nice butt!

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hah… this morning I was thinking… “That girl has only seen me in my jacket. I should work a couple sets into my week so when summer rolls around I might strongly allure her.”

For me muscularity should only be gained for functionality and sake of health. I see a lot of ripped dudes and it’s obviously for show… though I do know that exercise is addictive once you get going with it. It’s a pretty impressive feeling just to have internally.

I just try to develop muscular density while maintaining flexibility… it’s a totally different process than just hitting the gym. It’s the kind of strength that goes dormant, but still sticks around.

I’m saying all that because I just gotta shock my body back into being awake and growing…

Also, there have been two or three times where I’ve been working out in secret… and within a couple weeks some girls come out of the wood work (girls I know) while I’m out and start feeling up my arms. It has it’s perks to look fit… but yeah I don’t know too many girls who are sold out on worshiping muscular definition… it looks pretty gross and all that.

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dude I want ripped legs but I don’t work on my upper body much. I just don’t want to have a gut.

I have pretty good genetics to get the job done. i’ll probably work out my legs 5 times a week. I have a homegym I’ve invested in over the years so I don’t have any embarrassment going to the gym.

anyways because I’m going to be playing golf, I think it always looks impressive when I guy has huge calves and i’d like to be one of them. it seems the upper body takes up much of the time to work out, just focusing on legs I’ve been able to cut my workout down to 1 hour a day including cardio. it takes me 25 minutes to work my legs. I do 5 lifts deadlifts, deep squats, calf raises, hamstring curls, and leg curls. that’s it


You should do some upper body work out too just for balance. It looks weird when there’s no balance.


maybe just pullups

I love big hairy muscle legs…

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Sameee dude I have a killer body without working out or dieting but I really wouldn’t mind being fatter. I think I’d look great regardless. Anyways, there is a lot of beautiful big woman I admire. I think both can be sexy. So I’m not bothered.


What was that thing the guy said in the video earlier?

Be positive, find your goal “I really should exercise” and think about what that will be in 5 years

But don’t let go of the bad thing, the thing to avoid “wow that donut is really looking good, I’m gonna explode in 2 years”


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I want big thighs too. My calves are already naturally big. But when it comes to working out. There’s no morality to it. You let whatever you want motivate you. Whether it’s girls or health or self.

I’ve always been a bit overweight, but I find I like the aerobic, anaerobic, and flexibility a good martial arts class gives you…and it is just too cool to be a woman who can do knuckle push-ups as good as any guy can!

I just bike and work the arms… I do a few squats… focusing on a slow pace and proper form… taking myself right to edge of exercise that doesn’t lead to soreness.

About the only abdominal exercise I do are the skull-crushers… but I ain’t looking to ever have a six pack. Like I said strength for utility and better mobility and stamina…

Knowing my physiology my abs would be the somewhat slanted kind… the left or right side shifted one way or the other.

I’m lazy… that’s for sure… I wouldn’t care to develop a chiseled body… I get enough attention as it is.

Edit: Pull-ups are fun though

Buff? Are you British ? :joy:

Not worth, but maybe thats because I’m a timid asexual…


It is no big deal to me how buff a guy is, but it is always a bonus if they have a nice body. I’m sure working out would improve your chances in dating. But I couldn’t find time to work ft and still go to the gym… I think ultimately it is better to just do what makes you happy than taylor yourself to be everything girls want. Nobody needs perfection.

I work on my mind first, hoping my body will follow. Motivation is tough. I spend way too much time on desires rather than duties. But I disagree with stoics who say it’s bad for you if it doesn’t hurt! I’m an epicure, I think if it feels good, then it is good. Yet I guess moderation is the ideal in everything.

I love your attitude @valiumprincess. So many women are in the business of knocking themselves down. You are really a breath of fresh air in this regard. You feel good about your looks and your body. That is just so refreshing to hear. I wish all women were like you.


Foxy, you’re cool without needing to be buff. You build boats!!

Thank you, that was so nice to hear, made me smile :blush:

I wish more woman could be comfortable in their skin, I think all woman are beautiful.

It breaks my heart when I hear woman talking down to themselves. My mother is the worst for this, and it’s very sad since she is a very beautiful lady.

I used to be very self-conscious when I was younger. I struggled with an ED for some time.

I started giving myself compliments, and forcing myself to think good things when I saw myself in the mirror, even if I didn’t believe it. It worked and I found myself happy with my body.

I’m a big believer in self love. Life is easier if you feel good about yourself.