I don't believe in schizophrenia or dementia praecox

I don’t believe in schizophrenia or dementia praecox.

I don’t believe that these words are useful in any way, rather they are simply nonsense syllables coined by schizotypal and poetic psychiatrists, who are only really trying to say this is stuff we can’t understand or do anything about and appears to be helplessly beyond us. Before these terms the scientists had to resort to terms like “demonic posession”, and they didn’t like the taste of that, hence the weird words, but any psychiatrist will admit, i find, since i found this phrase a few years ago and started presenting it early on to all pdocs i encounter: “Schizophrenia is the Waterloo of psychiatry” (“I can’t get started with you, you’re my Waterloo…” - Anita O’Day thing)

It’s stuff that can’t be studied in the test tube of human knowledge where science barricades itself against the wind of spirit-reality; it is very much a supernatural problem, open into humanity for a variety of reasons including a self-organizing flow in all societies historically, about one percent turning toward a different, unseen sun, but including as an opening for the problem physical disrepair, bad diet, hostile environment / isolation…

And a genetic component - demons riding on the genome (as the “junk DNA” and “RNA” that controls which genes get turned on and off), demons not confined to genomes either, but jumping to and from hosts through cultural exchanges like books and articles from the minds of the mad - those views into the deep molten lava of madness and the creatures that are born down there out of that are sometimes so shocking we can’t forget we’ve seen them after the blast-glance of unreality-light.

But will they still try to develop a pill to cure it before they figure it out?

that’s the problem, yes of course, the multi billion dollar drug industry already came out with the whole “new” or “second” wave of meds, that recently were shown to be really no better or less side effect ridden that the old or first wave, so yeah, i’d expect a third wave in 10 to 20 yrs for sure, bet they’ll even try to seduce me by telling me it’s a new scientific miracle with no side effects. Then is i wait ten more years they’ll start admitting it’s just wave one with different food coloring come back on us again. By the time the star ship enterprise launches at warp speeds, they’ll be pedaling Seroquel and Haldol again. wave 2, the new wave 4…

@wonderdonkey You want people to believe in the existence of schizophrenia. Once an illness is dismissed as fabrication or nonsense - the research fades away and this would mean sub par type meds. I personally want the masses to be educated on a very real illness so the stigma is lessened. I think that the way doctors go about testing somone for sz needs a lot of improving, and I feel that the names - schizophrenia and schizoaffective are ancient, they need fine tuning.

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I dont mean to be rude, but people dedicate their lives to treating this illness, whatever name it has pinned to it, and they succeed. Science has made schizophrenics have lives. Before modern medicine, virtually all schizophrenic were either thrown into overcrowded asylums, homeless, or at the very best, performed menial jobs under supervision and they NEVER supported themselves.

I went through a period where I thought I needed to experience my psychosis- i thought I was learning about my subconscious and I wanted to have at least a year of psychosis under my belt so that I would have something to write about in grad school. I gave up. It beat me. I became a raging alcoholic who drank about a dozen drinks every night and lifted weights every day. I was a mess, and the pills I take have me performing to my ability in my occupation and growing in my social life.

The very term “Schizophrenia” has been challenged recently. More and more patients commit suicide BECAUSE they are labelled with what sounds scary (i mean its such a mysterious, cacophonous word) and so theyre actually thinking of a new term that wont have people jumping off bridges after being diagnosed.


i can’t relate.
i try all the drugs, they do not help me,
i use seroquel as a binge drug, just took some,
cause the situation here is something that medical science has definitely not cured,
not willing to cure, was willing to medicate but when that stopped working,
they said well sir, you have been very very sick for a very long time,
and there’s nothing else medical science has to offer.
so i’m really just complaining about my situation,
and i have been told things like this before,
that there are people who the meds really are the cure for something;
i’ve heard it alot so i guess i understand,
lucky for them i guess,
just can’t relate, and yes i was kinda assuming everybody has the same problem i do and that’s not really the case.
but i think there are some others like me who the meds don’t help.
too, some of those medicated still speak of an other world,
just less likely to kill themselves and others because of it when they are medicated

have you tried clozapine? its often used for treatment resistant cases, but you have to have weekly blood tests done while you take it

actually no, but several times i sat down and said break out the heavy guns, opened myself up to torture, they put haldol on me, terrible side efects worse than the disease by a little,

sat in the 72 hour hold a couple of times and kept demanding more meds till i went down finally, ended up just seroquel and haldol and one other antidepressent or something.

also orap, another pdoc i told to break out the heavy guns; same bad side effects as haldol and none of the elephant gun to the head effect.

so after i gave them a few tries and they showed everytime that they don’t help, i really don’t have the patience for any more torture, i’m barely hanging in there under the current torture that comes with being the plaything of the devil, bugs all over me inside and out, ridiculous itching that makes it impossible to sit or be still anywhere ever, constantly tortured, but hey, it’s not torture, it’s just weird.

i’ve withdrawn to my turtle shell as far as asking for help from modern science, they burned me every single time.

i don’t feel anything yet but after ony 35 minutes sleep this morning and zero through the night, after walking to the sauna at the gym and coming back, got that 35 minutes sleep but then work interrupted and then th e mental activity set the whole storm off again, totally overwhelmed with demons doing a superbowl touchdown dance like the victory is theirs and i’ve been trampled, iron ox taken down by ants, that’s the imagery in the song they sing as they go nuts all over my ears,

so yeah don’t feel anything yet but i took the cocktail, seroquel sucks but i recently discovered it is better as a binge drug, stay away for 4 or 5 days then elephant gun to the head, with…
200 mg seroquel
3 x 5mg melatonin
2x who knows what kind of mg of atarax
1x a singulair
1 shot of nyquil

it’s been 45 minutes, nothing yet, i’m a big elephant at 128 pounds and it takes alot of elephant gun to put me down.

Clozapine? Would it put me down? Would i be mad cause it didn’t fix the itching just made it harder for me to scratch, like everything else i’ve ever tried? would i experience side effects that i’d complain about - cause i enjoy the drug free non sedated hyper clear manic mind, even the little seroquel mixture leaves me groggy for the first hour in the morning, and like i said the haldol / orap / crack cocaine come-down is unacceptable so i stay away from those drugs, and honestly have a fear that all the other stuff is gonna do the same thing, it’s a rational fear based on my track record with these drugs. No body knows what these drugs are doing or how they are supposed to be helping, its a black box theory of the pharmacologists, I push it back across the pdoc’s desk and say 'when you can give a presentation on what this will do to me and why that will help, i’ll reconsider, but if you are gonna play push twenty freaky drugs at him and see if any make him calm down, i don’t like that game and i don’t think it’s ethical, go do it to the lab rats and come back when you have some actual theories, which by the way wouldn’t that require a working theory of brain/mind, which I believe your sceintists refuse to offer even a rough draft of. I have offered my own theory of brain mind and published it free on smashwords, and according to mine I have actual working theories on what to do about this and why, and none of my theories are so blunt and black box as to be about dropping a coin in the jukebox and seeing what song comes out, rather it’s led to a program of very diligent diet and exersize and i know i misspell exersize and i guess i can’t fix that must be a traumatized brain cell adn then people say i’m not taking advice about madness from the guy that can’t spell exersize, i swear i’ve been here before so let me stop, but yeah, according to my floridly psychotic understanding of the human mind, i don’t need clonzapine, rather i need some rest, i need some specialized nutirition, and honestly i need to prune all the reading and writing and sit down and settle my spirit and circulate my pneuma. like nancy reagan says, thank you but no thank you, for the clozapine.


I talk about the other world sometimes, it just showed up one day. I was shopping for halloween costumes with family and they appeared in my mind encircling me thirsty for blood, like a pack of rabid wolves getting ready to tear me apart, i freaked out but it passed.

That halloween shyte really hit the fan and didn’t stop until i ended up in the bin getting drugged, i was surprised that they wanted to give me medicine, and even more surprised that the pills actually did something to help me.

I don’t know if they know this or not but they actually found a pill to treat a haunting of the mind in some people, ha, they really do have a pill for everything these days. Turn me off so the spirits can’t use it or talk to it.

No wonder they talk about shamanism in relation to schizophrenia right, like terence mckenna and stuff like that, they are wrong but it is the same spirits though. Schizophrenics were never shaman, spirits don’t torture the shaman to death, they don’t tell the shaman to drown himself like henry cockburn.

There are scientists online preaching about it all the time, one guy took a picture of a voice even, i couldn’t believe it, he took a picture of a voice in someone’s head as proof that it wasn’t a spirit or anything like that. But all that he took a picture of really was a spirit or some really bad ass technology that people have.

I don’t believe in it either onderdonk, i know that something is wrong with us but it isn’t “schizophrenia” though, one could call it that if they actually defined it properly though.