I done being lonely

I signed up for christian mingle, and equalyoke… even if it’s a friend I am done being alone, it’s only been a month since breaking up with my ex but I will not be held down by sadness


You’re never alone in the world when you walk with him or so I was told and now that I have walked many a mile I find that to be true


I’m done with being around people.
I guess I’m antisocial.
I have little interest in anyone or being part of the crowd.


People are hard to avoid, because there are seven billion people on this planet, but I wish you the best. Do what is right for you.

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Yeah, i get you, don’t accept being alone. Fight the solitude.


You don’t have to become a social butterfly, but don’t cut yourself off completely. It’s a matter of degree.

What do you mean @crimby - that its important to be social but not loose yourself?

I have an constant drive to be social because im a bit introvert but know that being among people makes me happy even its hard.

Find the level that’s right for you. When you’re completely alone you get eccentric. At least I do. And like they say, eccentricity isn’t tolerated except from the very rich.

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Yeah, thats true. Exactly

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look for red flags.

pretty soon, you’ll find that it sucks.

might get good sex though.

Just be careful. It’s been my experience in life that finding love to replace lost love often ends up with a lot of hurt feelings. Including yourself.


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