I don’t like reading books 📚

I don’t enjoi them better video games or so ever … but I would like to find a good book that I would like and read it to relax

Have you tried books about video games? I read the bioshock novel and it was amazing.

Definitely made the game much more interesting and fun to play, once I knew the back story.

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Yeah but they all are in English. I am not good English book reader …

Ahh I see. Many books have translations in different languages. I guess you would have to find out which ones are available for your language.

Your English is very good. I didn’t even know it wasn’t your native tongue. What other language do you speak? If you don’t mind me asking.

I can speak everyday English language pretty good but when It comes to complex books with taugh vocabulary that’s a lot of translate . I tried to read dune in English but didn’t succeeded it’s difficult for me to translate for meaning . But I read how to thrive in changing times in English it was pretty easy. My native language is Lithuanian. I speak Lithuanian everyday :slight_smile:


That’s a really pretty language. It reminds me of a mix of French and Russian (just from my English ears)

It sounds like a very romantic language.

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Thank you :blush:

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I do not read any books.

Not as a matter of choice, byt because I cannot focus.

Do not do gaming either. Or really anything which requires focus.

I can’t even complete online articles or watch full videos.

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