I don’t know what happened

My mood just dropped when I found out the news about my coworker friend. And now I’m reaching incapacitated level of symptoms fast

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Have you got all the numbers in case of a crisis? Idk whats happened but hopefully its just a temporary thing.

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They committed suicide

I have crisis numbers yeah
They dont help

Sorry to hear about that @Froge … If you need someone to talk to I’ll be on here. It’s hard but you’ll make it through this.

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suicide is awful, I was at a funeral today for a family member who did that, I’m really proud of myself that i got through it though & i actually helped out the family over Christmas, please stay strong, talk to your care team etc any support is good support.


I’m so sorry. I think it might help to do things to shock yourself out of it maybe like cold showers, ice packs on your neck etc.

But maybe you just need to scream into a pillow, cry, vent, get hugs….

I’m not sure what’s the best for you right now. But you probably know what you need.

Take care of yourself.


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