I don’t know how to say it

My counselor is on vacation. I super miss him. It’s unhealthy. Intensive outpatient is helping me work through it. He’s been my counselor for four years. IOP says he’s become my security and there are attachment issues. I don’t know why. I love my husband and kids, my family and friends.

It doesn’t help that my last day with him I spent locked in the bathroom and he called the cops on me. I had to talk to him on the phone the next day about scheduling, and I fumbled through an apology. It was genuine, but it lacked substance.

This counselor is the one I have written about obsessively emailing him. I try not to write him
while he is on vacation.

Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever become so attached to someone that you feel like your world falls apart when they leave? Is there anyone you want to tell everything to and never have enough time to get all of the words out?

I’ll take any tips on how to stay present with my family! We’re going to the beach this weekend, and I really want to only be thinking about my husband, son, and daughter!

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That’s sounds true from what you’ve said in the past. Maybe bring it up with the counselor themselves. Say you want to work on being more independent of them.


Smart plan! Will do when he gets back! Thanks!

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Fuc kk em’ family and friends should be who you count on. If you keep up this pattern, god will just take away your good MH professionals away from you anyway

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That’s a very passionate response.
Though I do agree with you.

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I’ve been able to have a clinician patient relationship that’s healthy almost all the time. I think your counselor understands, and is kind. If you need to talk, pm me! Or, talk here.

We’re all here for you! Keep us updated!

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I’ll PM you! Thanks for your support!

Anytime. You’re always there for everyone. I appreciate you!

I see my therapist as a friend. That seems ok, but I don’t think they can replace real relationships in your life. Your counselor sounds good and takes genuine interest in helping you. It’s good to rely on your family and friends more because those are more mutual and rewarding.

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Thank you @anon62973308!

Is this your borderline personality disorder coming back? My best friend has BPD and she does stuff like that. It’s something to think about. If it is your BPD, maybe you could look into treatment for it again.

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You have an INCREDIBLE memory! Really, it’s remarkable! I’m in awe!

Yes, I can look into treatment for it again. Thanks!

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You remind me of my best friend so it’s easy to remember. I actually have a terrible memory. My Best friend did a one year DBT course and it helped her tremendously. I hope you can find something like that.


I’ll look into it when I finish IOP. Right now I’m at appointments three days a week, so I wouldn’t have the time yet. Thanks!

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