I don’t feel liked (not here- but IRL)

I don’t get it.

I think it’s part of the illness that makes me overthink everything…

But maybe not, maybe I’m really not liked by people IRL…

My husband said to me once something like- “why do you try to impress people? They don’t like you anyways” (he was referring to me posting on social media)


I overthink everything too @Human. What your husband said to you was hurtful. My partner says mean things to me sometimes too. So I feel your pain and confusion. I am in a dysfunctional relationship. I don’t know about you but I hope not. We shouldn’t have to put up with that. We deserve to be treated nicely.


Part of it could be a little bit of paranoia.

I don’t know if you suffer from flat affect, but that can cause issues as people think that you don’t like them.

But you come across as really likeable, so I’m not sure what the reason is.


Does it matter if Facebook people like you?

I’m sure people IRL enjoy you, you’re a lovely person.

Your husband is just trying to put you down because he’s a jackass.

I know you have to be sick of me saying this, but you should kick your husband out.

This is the beginnings of a very familiar kind of abuse.

You can stop it now.

You and your little girl deserve better.

He didn’t even say Happy Mother’s Day to you.

On your first Mother’s Day.

He’s not going to get more caring.

He’s going to continue to keep you down.

It’s abusive.


I mean, I wasn’t too hurt. I just laughed. I thought it was almost insightful :joy:

But maybe I read the room wrong…

But same… sorry you’re going through a similar thing


True… idk. I feel like I come across as more friendly than a lot of other people (IRL), but that’s from my perspective…


I mean, all the people I have on Facebook are people I know in real life… I have like 70 friends on there, so… I consider it in real life🤷‍♀️

:joy: I can’t argue with you there.

Probably not…

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I think youre likeable. Probably just overthinking. Theres a lot of bad energy goint around out there. If you capture it in your mind and never let it go it will only hurt you. Just let that poison out and forget about it. Hope your day is exciting and inspiring.


Lol not that hes not caring, but i bet if you got him a ruby ring hed be more caring. Or a pet rock :rock:

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You are likable @Human
And please don’t listen to abusive people anywhere.


You are awesome… your husband is a …



Yeah. Lots of weird vibes…

Thank you, same goes for you✨



Hugs to you too


I’m sorry your husband spoke to you like that @Human. You’re likable here and I’m sure you’re a likeable and interesting person IRL. I don’t know why he would say that, but some people tear others down when they get jealous. Don’t tollerate it or take it to heart.


No offence but you only know @Human on this website. Who are you to tell her to kick her husband out. I know she has supportive family members she could listen to rather than you.

Everyone here is giving advice.

You just don’t like mine.

Shove it, @Fanny_Longbottom.

I don’t need drama from you.

I’m trying to help like everyone else.

:joy: ok 15151515151515

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Do you want to be social @human? I’m opposite I don’t want to be - my husband stays social with all our old friends without me.

Your husband should reach out to his/your friends if he wants to stay social with them.


I am an acquired taste irl. People are just people but I have learned that once a person makes up their mind about you it can be futile to try and change their perceptions.

I overthink too.


we need to realize that we can’t find the perfect man,
but what I’ve done,
is Write in the perfect man.
it helped when I had no one.