I don’t deserve to marry my wife,start a family

I almost died because I don’t know how to take good care of myself.I just got married 3 months ago,I really felt I don’t deserve to get married or have children.I almost killed myself just now,unintentionally

You do deserve it. I’m not sure why your being hard on yourself. Maybe you have some underlying depression ?

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I got married, and yes there are risks, just remember the 50 50 rule. and safety first, and you well do fine.

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No an hour ago I almost died.I was quitting vaping and I put the patch on,then I went for a jog…half way of my exercise,my heart couldn’t pump and I was unconscious for 10-15min.I thought I will die,but I briefly survive

I suspect I might be depress too,but I am stranded oversea,need a few month before I can meet my psych

Why are you stranded overseas ?

I reside in Malaysia but I went to philippine to marry a girl during February,I am unlucky because I am not in the capital city and there was no sweeper flight,hence I have been stranded in the Philippine for 4 month.We actually planned to return to Malaysia after a month only

There is no such thing as luck. There is probability & statistics which is under the field of mathematics of how a certain event will occur. Your marriage hasn’t even lasted a year yet and you are considering leaving the marriage. I say continue on until your 1 year wedding anniversary and see how life with your wife is. Starting a family is good since a baby boy or girl will bring happiness to both your parents and wife’s parents.

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Sorry,I got a near death scare.Almost killed myself while on nicotine patch,scary and won’t be doing it again.I am waiting to buy a PlayStation 4 and see if I can kick the vaping habit somehow.Addiction is bad,but more because all my family disapprove me of vaping,that’s why if I return I need to be vape,nicotine free

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Did you run in hot weather? Its dangerous to run in hot weather, your body will overheat and you will loose consciousness from heat stroke. You can do short walks with a cap on your head.

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I am pretty sure either I have an underlying heart disease or the 25mg nicotine patch caused that incident.I didn’t remove the patch and didn’t knew this would happened…pretty scary not able to breath and unconscious

What was the temperature with humidity when you lost consciousness? You’re not supposed to run with nicotine because both increase blood pressure and heart rate. Me I loose consciousness sometimes in high heat like 40+C with humidity.

I stay in Asia,I am used to the warm weather,when I ran that time,the temperature is not too hot…I workout regularly

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