I do not want to shower

Music in the shower encourages me to shower once every week. I use a big JBL bluetooth speaker. Maybe try that?

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They are going to broadcast it for the world to see… I don’t want that…

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I know what you mean. I thought there were cameas in my bathroom and it made it hard to even use the toilet. But honestly screw it, Everyone uses the bathroom, everywone showers, so what? Own it, its your house, if there are cameras, screw it, you have every right

I’m not a porn star though. I am quite reserved.

Did you try music in the shower?

It was difficult to use the toilet?

I don’t flush because there are people living under my house. I don’t even use soap or hot water because the soap and hot water can go to people living under my house. It will contaminate them. My daughter is mad that I do not flush. but what does she know? Just a waste of water.

Maybe you can talk to your dr to raise antipsychotics dosage?

You should flush. I promise it wont contaminate anything, the pipes are quite sound. As for using the toilet, yes, because youre vulenerable when you go to the bathroom. the voices would laugh and make fun of me. But honestly who cares what they say anyway, everyone does it. Dont be afraid of the cameras, Im reserved too and if there are people watching me Im at the point where I dont care let the sick feckers watch

my daughter uses the garbage disposable and i tell her not to because its going to hurt the people living under the house. The hot water will hurt them… the water is too hot…

im at 10mg of abilify. Someone keeps telling me to go to the hospital but I don’t know who it is… I keep hearing them… But they are being ridiculous.

The water cant hurt them, even if there are people living under there. It sounds like your medication isnt working for you, maybe its best you contacted your pdoc

10mg Abilify is absolutly the lowest dose for schizophrenia. 10mg is too low. I was taking 20-25mg then switched to Latuda 80-120mg.
Tell the dr about your issues and raise your dosage asap

Why did you stop the abilify?? how long did it take for your abilify to work? I am going to get in touch with my psych doc and ask for an increase.

@FadeToBlack same :heart:

It took 2-3 weeks. I stopped Abilify because I developed gambling, hypersexuality and compulsive shopping side effects. I would retreat cash from my visa because my bank was 0$.
My credit score is so bad now because of this. I cancelled my visa. Now on Latuda I don’t have these issues but I am less social, I stay home all day all week, I never worked even on Abilify. My parents get my meds and food, I only go out for my psychiatrist appointment.

She doesnt listen because she know there are no cameras. You are delusional and hallucinating. Please see your pdoc to see if they can get this to go away.

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