I do not want to shower

It’s been a month since I have showered… and been only two days since I have brushed my teeth.

My son and daughter are the ones encouraging me to brush my teeth… and that I can do…, but they try to encourage me to shower… and I just do not want to!!! I find it difficult to shower, and I know there are cameras in the bathroom watching me. I tried warning my son and daughter about the cameras in the shower, and they still continue to shower… I don’t think I get that dirty, and I do not get sweaty… so I do not need to shower… but my daughter and son keep trying to get me to shower… but sometimes I change my clothes every couple of weeks…

My daughter has told me that I am starting to smell, but I just lash out at her and tell her that she’s the one who smells more than me…


Try not to lash out at her. Chances are if you’ve not showered in a month you do smell. They’re just trying to help you. They care about you. If they didn’t care, they wouldn’t say anything.


Get some baby wipes and clean the private areas everyday and in the creases where the sweat gathers, then you won’t stink anymore. Plus it’s healthier for your skin to get a little clean down. Change your underwear everyday after you wipe down and change your clothes every other day. Then you don’t have to worry about your kids anymore.


Hygiene is important and you don’t want to catch anything.

The longest I go is a few days.

I only shower because I have to for work


I used to believe there were cameras in my shower. I eventually decided that if someone is watching me, they’re gonna get a show! So I showered very performativly for the camera. I don’t believe there’s a camera in my shower anymore, because I take medication.

It’s not good to yell at your kids. They did nothing wrong. Yelling at them is just being mean. You don’t want to be mean.


Who is in charge of the cameras?

Her nose stinks when she blows her nose.

I’m not as brave as you. Plus I am more on the reserved side. The cameras are going to broadcast it for everyone to see.

The voice box god girl… she told me that there are cameras in the shower. I won’t shower.

Yes I used to believe that their were cameras and people watching me while i took a bath. I would wear a bathing suit while I bathed.


I can hear someone trying to tell me something… but I cannot hear it clearly…

I hate showering so I often wash my hair in the sink and have a “hooker bath” using wipes just to keep me from stinking.


My daughter got me to kinda shower. I went inside the shower, only washed my hair, and washed on my private parts… I am still so mad at her for suggesting it and getting me to shower!!! She even had the audacity to give me soap.

I feel your pain. I can’t remember the last time I showered or changed my clothes. :teddy_bear::teddy_bear::teddy_bear:

I did that too for a long time.

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I didn’t brush my teeth for about two years when I was suicidal and it did bad damage to my teeth…I brush now but without two of my molar teeth !! sad …brush your teeth and do what the others told you to do with a rag clean your dirtyness and stop smelling !!

I have been taking 30 second showers this week, washing hair once a week. Shaved one leg one day ha. I get a reward scratch ticket every day that I take a 30 sec shower, treadmill 5 mins and hot tub one cycle. My husband put this plan together for me bc he works in behavioural treatment. I feel like a child but it’s working, must be what I need.

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I use to hardly shower. I didnt brush my teeth often and because of that I had to have majority of my teeth pulled. I thought someone was watching me. I also i had no motivation.

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I sometimes brush my teeth now… I sometimes wash my private area and my hair on my own without my daughter and son telling me to… But the cameras are still there. My daughter takes a long time to shower and I keep telling her cameras are there… She won’t listen to me!!

If there’s cameras, so what? So somebody is going to watch a middle aged man shower. Is it like a big thrill for them? There’s actually no cameras, but if you think there are some, well everybody has their 15 minutes of fame. It’s not like they’re going to see something they’ve never seen before. Hell, I wish there were cameras in my shower, I’d give those losers quite a show.