I do not know how to feel about this

Some people are cashing in and selling high some Ukraine war items. i do not know how to feel about it.

I don’t know. The Ukrainians have their right, but I would be wary of taunting Russia right now.

I am just talking about the price of one Ukrainian war stamp. 127 euros plus shipping. Sounds very high.

That does sound high, but it probably has great potential as a collector’s item. Ten years from now you might sell it for five-thousand euros.

I don’t see the issue. No one is forcing you to buy one. It’s not like it’s a everyday necessity to have one. Not price gouging. People can try to sell a non essential item at whatever price they want. Thats the free market. If price is too high for people, they will not buy.

@Joker I was just referring to the price of one Ukrainian stamp they issued lately. Of course, it is terrible what is happening there, but I do not want to get into any politics. You deleted your posting I see.

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The final price of this piece of paper from Ukraine was 130 euros in their bidding. Profits actually do not go to Ukraine but Germany. I guess some people in Germany have got these stamps cheaply from Ukraine only to sell high on the net, the war prices. No thanks. The world is an interesting place.

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