I do not feel like sleeping today

It is midnight and I am physically tired but do not feel like sleeping yet.
I guess I can work a bit? Not sure.

I will take a shower though and brush my teeth. This new vape flavour is not good at all.
I tried a bunch and the only nice one by far is the pear I really liked. I am not even smoking one fill during the day.

I am so SO happy I am no longer coughing though.

Tomorrow there is a huge store opening of Marshalls, just a walking distance from here. I would really like to go but I am spending money. I am not sure if I will go. I really want to go though. I guess I will go :smiley:

Then I will go and do my nails this new light metallic caramel color I bought. I really liking neutral colors though, not so much bright and neon anymore.

Looks like it will rain again tomorrow. :frowning:


I hope you have a wonderful night. I’m hoping to get to sleep soon, just waiting for the melatonin to kick in.
I used to paint my nails all the time. Now I just shake too much. :frowning:
Have fun at Marshalls tomorrow!

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I recommend melatonin

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I don’t feel like sleeping either. I’ve been having very weird dreams/nightmares lately.

Have a nice night :v:

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