I do music, but also a bit graphix

Here’s my small side-business.
I design graphix for T-shirts and other items, that then will be printed on the various clothes, caps, magnets, mugs etc. I was scratching my head, when I recieved an email, that I got paid from all this.
My plans are to move on a Pro plan and make more graphix and earn cash.
Pro plan takes off the limitations, i.e. how many items I can sell etc.
My summer-design “Palm Love” is there still. I bought these shirts to my family too.
But yeah, if you’re good at graphics, then you should give this a shot too…

My shop: https://www.cafepress.com/musicianshop


are you into satanism

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If liking black color and darker music means that then yes. But otherwise NO.

I mistook star for pentagram I think sorry but really you like the color black? That’s cool I like neons

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Like they say, “black is always in”. I also like The Prodigy as example. But I treat people like an angel though… Go Figure!

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