I do drive down to the hospital grounds 30minute drive to there

i park down there, its my ‘‘thinking’’ spot. i roll a cig and ponder. i stay there about ten minutes and then leave, i sometimes think how harsh the suffering was there and then thank my lucky stars i recovered too become a stable person.

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Did you ever get hassled by security?

I have a garden with a pond with ducks I go to sometimes.


@everhopeful, no it’s not against the law, to drive or park on the hospital grounds

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I usually go for long walks and I really enjoy buying new makeup every time I go to the drugstore but the weather is changing soon and it’s gonna start to snow in a couple of months. Best is to find a job.

i love to walk long distance too, i can walk for hours i use my ipod i down loaded all my favorite songs on, over a 100 songs…winter is near here too we sometimes get snow

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what is the lowest temperature that you get over there? Here it reaches -30 with windchill.

we dont get much snow here throughout winter depending, our winter temperatures usaully are between 3c to 10c. i know Canada in winter gets very cold. i dont know our record temp in winter

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