I do a lot of day dreaming ...!

Yes this thing is not good…!!!
It is filled with lot of bad wishes which is not going to be real …!!!
people should try to be practical…!!!
Do u guys volunteer despite being disable…!!!


I think daydreaming is good if you dream positive future, but people usually dream bad things couse its easier, dreaming also could be practical if you practice it, but you need to do more something like phisical too, nothing gonna heppen if you just dream. I dont volunteer, never tried, going to go to work february, yesterday i played tennis for 3 and a half hours, part time job will be easy for me.


daydreaming is good. I do it a lot.

I’m usually careful when I daydream though.

Yes far cry
I volunteer a lot
At two charity shops and in one office job volunteering is very good for you
I do mornings mostly then relax in afternoon