I dislike my psychiatrist

His answers are rly vague :confused:

I guess you would dislike anyone in the same position

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No I wouldnt…

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maybe it’s time to change your psy doc.
it took me like 6/7 tries before I find a good one

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Yeh you’re right

but maybe he is vague cause he can’t give clear answers yet as maybe he still needs to get to know you better?

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I guess
How are u btw

i’m doing well, received 2 new LP records today… i’m gonna listen a bit to them this evening.
Also watched movie “I care a lot” which was pretty good. Also got my risperdal consta shot today.

How are you?

I’m bored as always

We made pizza today, it was yummy

ah nice =D i had fries and curryworst special… that was tasty too =)

Sounds delicious

I met a psychologist online who wants to administer a test to me : D

oh an IQ test? You getting what you wanted then, that’s nice

No, a personality test

ah ok, when are you going to take it?

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