I disagree about something

you cant force a person to think differently bc you dont like it, I woulnt do that bc its not nice and if someone has a different view point than you then you shouldnt judge that person or tell other people to hate them bc they think differently.

I should be able to have my own thoughts and points of view without being judged or made to look stupid, mutual respect is what matters.

Depends on what the points of view are.

Different types of morning beverage? Absolutely have your own.

Want to go barefoot in March? Go for it.

But want to insult, belittle, or take away human rights based on color, sexual orientation, or sex? Fight me.


My parents wouldn’t recognize that some things in life are sad. Nobody real is happy all the time.

no-one is wanting to fight with you or anyone else but we should all be allowed to have our own point of view,

for instance one man prefers coffee and another Cream, or one woman prefers a banana over an aubergine, or maybe i dont agree with Zeus and i believe in Fairies instead,

We should all have the right to choose what we believe and make up our own mind what is right and wrong.

There is a such thing as right and wrong, even with beliefs.

Some may believe rape is ok… Does that mean that rape is suddenly not wrong? What about murder? What about violence?

If someone believes those things are ok according to their belief system, is it no longer wrong?


yeah but what if someone thought something was ok but it wasnt? how do we know what is right and wrong? like i think i know but someone might say i am wrong when i am not so who knows? who says and who makes up the rules? everybody thinks they are right and people dont like to admit when they are wrong.

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How do we know what is right and what is wrong?

Simple. If it causes pain or distress to someone, it is wrong.

You are proving this one out.


Well - when you want to control others like not let them have the same rights you have, your belief is wrong.



no-one should insult, belittle or take away anyones human rights

but someone can respectfully disagree with someone about something like one person likes the colour yellow but someone else prefers red. one man prefers Chocolate to strawberry or banana, som,e people like whipped cream on top with syrup yummy! so its all different flavours

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You strike me as the type of person who prefers white to black.


actually i prefer yellow

do you like bananas?

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So… You…feel belittled over your choice of syrup? Over liking colors?

Yeah, I really don’t think that is what you meant when you created this.

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We don’t stop conversations based on simple things like that. Respect and compassion. Not being disrespectful to others and showing ethical behavior are listed in the rules. Please read them. Some of it is dependent on interpretation, but these are the rules we go by.


i am trying to make a point that no-one should be judged if they dont hold the same beliefs. its ok to disagree & it might be healthy sometimes

To further expand on @Bowens post… Here are the forum guidelines.

The rules and guidelines can be found here

As I said, if those beliefs hurt others, they are in the wrong. Period.


It totally depends on the beliefs. You are free to have whatever beliefs you want, but if you express beliefs that are hurtful or harmful to others on this forum, we won’t allow it. It’s in the rules. Read them.


Exactly. This is a forum, not the United States Government.


Not as a state of mind.