I didn't talk to the coffee machine

One of the ladies who I don’t know at work thought she caught me talking to the coffee machine to give me coffee. I don’t recall it. 🤷😠

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I wouldn’t be too worried about such a situation. Workplaces are weird places for most folk and stuff like that is pretty common I’d imagine!


I’ve talked to coffee machines before. I mostly talk at my computer while gaming. Like cmon hurry up! I want my coffee or stupid mouse! Work! I think it’s okay


Talking to inanimate objects is something a lot of people do that I’ve noticed. If I have something rolling off a table that I don’t want to, for example, I tell it to stop it. I think a lot of people do it more often than they think they do and so they judge others for it unnecessarily.


I’m pretty sure in the world of tomorrow your pen would just stop rolling if you tell it to. Everything’s voice activated in today’s vision of tomorrow! Make me a coffee will be a perfectly acceptable thing to say to your aptly named Mr. Coffee.

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Lol my sister will say things like if I clean a bowl and ask where to put it. She’ll say. This guy lives in the top right cupboard.

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@anon84281278 slow your roll lady

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I’m a man


Maybe you should have.

Mayyyyyyybe I did but got amnesia :flushed:

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