I didn't take my meds


Last night because I drank a small amount of alcohol. Would be safe to take them now? But if I took them would I be able to take them at night?


You could call the pharmacist to be sure. They’re a really good resource with stuff like that.

Do you usually take meds in the morning?


No I take them all at night


I think you’d be fine taking them in the morning then again at night, but that’s my not medical opinion. You should double check with the pharmacist.


A few years ago I drank a lot when I was taking Geodon and Seroquel. It didn’t seem to hurt me too bad, but there is no telling what it did to my liver.


a trained doctor would tell you to avoid taking your meds until its nighttime again and i would have to agree.


just please don’t make a habit out of it. my dad is an alcoholic and he has stopped taking meds completely so he can drink without his meds interfering


Pharmacist said I go ahead and take them.


Maybe you’ll get lucky and the higher dose today from the morning and night meds will make your day a little easier!