I didn't smoke today

I haven’t smoked for like 11 days, but Godzilla it calls to me. It sort of helps that I have no tobacco in the apartment or the car. Of course, the keys to the car are in my pocket, and the 24 hour gas station is less than four miles down the road.

I did come across the NAMI Advocate, and it was more or less spiritual reading to take my mind somewhere else.



Glad that you are quitting smoking, Jaster. It’s a hard battle. Hope you have the strength to resist the allure of cigarettes.


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good luck
remember people have conquered the non smoking and succeeded


I have clearly known people who didn’t know they stank and places where people who lived there clearly didn’t know that their places stank.

I’ve been around smokers and smokey places since I last smoked, and I don’t find it offensive. But I know some people find old smoke sickening.

In my case, it is twelve and half days since I smoked anything. I’m pretty sure that I’ve cleaned up pretty well, but I’m not so sure that my car or apartment are a lot less stinky. Unabashedly, I take delight in having the windows open a great deal these last several days, and I have definitely done some nonusual cleaning that makes me happy!

And, although I’m coughing a great deal less and haven’t gagged on post nasal drip in a week, I still cough up the occasional luger, which is pretty disgusting in itself.


You’ve done something few people have the willpower to do. I’m sure you will find the benefits of not smoking worthwhile.