I didn't learn how to walk

I learned how to run.



I Once Seen A Woman In The Middle Of The Dead Of Night Running Down The Street In Horrendous Horror. Someone Or Something Was Chasing Her. I Could Hear Her Screaming While I Was Listening To Music In My Room With The Door Closed.

I Slowly Walked To The Living Room And Looked Through The Blinds.

She Was Terrified. Like Her Hair Turned White.

It Was A Strangely Odd Moment In My Life.

I Slowly Picked Up The Phone And Called The Police.

I Still Have No Idea What Happened After That.

But!, I Have Learned. There Are Some Moments Where There Jus Will Be No Emergency Exit.

No Escape.

No Rhyme Or Reason.

It Will Be The End.

And You Will Have No Say So In The Matter.

Deep In The Woods. Where The Bear Was Waiting For Many Endless Years.

Hope, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

P.s. The Orbital Compass- ‘YouTube’. (((1o1/1o1/1o1)))


but don’t you first need to know how to walk to be able to run? I’m not sure what you mean with it…

I meant that I was a frightened baby who hit the ground running.

ah yea sorry to hear you were frightened =(
i can relate though as over my life i was frightened a lot too.


Fear Is A Strange Creature.

After My First Diagnosis. I Was Sent To A Facility. I Had A Tiny Notebook. A Pen.

And A Music Magazine With One Of My Favorite Bands On The Cover. Modest Mouse.

I Remember Not Having Any Idea What Was Going On.

No One Sat With Me To Tell Me Where I Was Or What Was Going On.

It Was A Safe Place. I Had My Own Room. They Fed You. And You Were In The Mix With All Of The Other Patients. There Were A Couple Of Rooms To Keep The Patients Occupied.

One With A Television. One With A Ping Pong Table. And A Radio. A Front Desk Where You Took Your Meds. And One Room Where Doctors And Nurses Would Ask You Questions.

I Remember Sitting At The End Of A Very Long Table. In A Room Filled With Doctor’s And Nurses.

One Night Standing In The Middle Of My Room. With My Notebook. As Modest Mouse Was Staring At Me. I Wrote The Word FEAR Down. At The Top Of The Page. I Didn’t Even Know Where That Word Came From Or Why I Wrote It Down. And I Stood There Staring At The Word Perplexed. Confused. But!, Felt Safe. I Looked At The Magazine And Smiled To Myself.

And The Trip Begun. . .

Hope, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

P.s. The Orbital Compass~ ‘YouTube’. (1o1/1o1/1o1)

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That’s awful chordy!!! You’re safe now though right

It’s hard for me to comprehend safe. I can be down on myself and my own danger.

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