I didn't know that

I didn’t know that it’s about freedom to choose, i had no clue, everything i did was randomly selected for being more diverse as for doing things that i liked accepted as being good choices that i did in the past.

I think I was wrong now that i learned that the way to being more spiritual it’s the most important thing in this life and the following lifes that will come in future.

I have choose to learn more about spiritual ways of the religion i am part of Christian Orthodox and my wish is to become a monk if they will accept a mentally ill person idk yet.

The idea of becoming more strong in belief calmes me down and i feel more peaceful knowing it is a step closer to do the right thing by sacrificing my humble spirit to guide other’s lives.

Choosing to be a small part of the spiritual things gives me hope and relief thinking i might have take a good decision for my fiuture. I am not going to talk more about this bc of site rules. So bye 4 now

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sounds encouraging.

I’ve had to steer clear of religion since I almost died a martyrs death.

Maybe when you join the religious community of your belief is a start. But you can be spiritual at home.
I think you should talk to someone spiritual. I talked to the priest at the hospital. In theory you can search your answers to your questions on the internet.

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