I didn't know I could dream so nice

So I’ve never been much of a lover. My last attempt never got so much as a date. But I did notice I have a vivid dream life that I usually bury. It popped into consciousness tonight as I was relaxing and trying to wind down at the end of a day. I didn’t know I could have a normal dream life.:grinning:


I had a dream last night that my sister was at my house that I live in with my father at night, and she was there with a man and was taking meth amphetamine in the backyard. Then my father called the police and they were raiding the backyard screaming orders and things. Then later in the dream I was visiting my sister at prison with my father, because she was sentenced to prison, and I was saying how my sister couldn’t live with us because she would be taking drugs again.

The dream doesn’t necessarily reflect reality, but that is what I dreamt.

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Dreams free up the mind. They are our own creation.

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Hmm, I do wish I could dream well. My negatives seem worse in my dreams than in real life. My post episode dreams tend to be heavy and dull and slow… And the next day my memory of the previous day isn’t very good. There is something wrong there.

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