I didn't have all my ducks in a row

And when I did, I had all of my eggs in one basket.
My advice to you kids, plan, plan, plan.

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Good advice. I would say to you its not over.


Mark Twain said to watch the basket.

that’s part of the reason I slipped into SZ I feel. it’s a genetic disorder and they say “People with SZ are not just lazy people” or “It’s not the parents fault”, but in a way for me it was a lack of motivation and pressures in my life, along with the genetics to fit it.

BUT IM SICK OF SAYING “IT WAS”…like my life is damn over! I love this life, we need to stop saying “I was _____” or “I was _____” like our lives are over, and say “I experience ______ but _______ and I’m doing ______ to help it”. just my thoughts.

I like the ‘I experience’.

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