I didn't go on a trip to Redding with my ex

The dr’s office said I wouldn’t be able to wait in the waiting room while he took his 2 hour stress test and I wouldn’t have any where to sit for that time. I honestly didn’t think I could stand for 2 hours. Not to mention the stress of traveling on the highway for 2 hours there and back, even though my Dr gave me ativan for the trip. I still struggle with the ride even with the ativan. So I just told him I didn’t want to go. He acted hurt but he did make the trip without me, so that’s good. I’m proud of him. He really needed to get this test done, he’s been putting it off for 6 months.


Sending you lots of hugs and love. :hugs:

I think standing for 2 hours is too much to ask of you. Hopefully he eventually lets it go

Lol I can’t even sit for an hour let alone stand for two, in a waiting room. Good for you for knowing your boundaries

glad he was able to get his stress test without you. i’ve been to redding about 5 times, once driving through myself, and 4 other times sitting in the greyhound station there on my way to seattle, washington haha, from san diego or los angeles. one day it was in the summer and it was really dry and hot that day. this was years ago, almost 10 years, i havent been to california in some time. i dont usually make it west of colorado anymore, where my sister lives.

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