I didn't get to see a bare bosom

My mother was a believer in being covered even to her family. I was scared of nudity and very affected by this. It made me nervous to undress in front of other girls and to see them undressed. So inhibited, I never even began to focus on men.

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i have a problem with nakedness too… but in the army i had to shower with the other girls and that went ok so i think i manage to deal with it. But i don’t like it when other people are naked… like when my father had ■■■■ his pants i needed to help him and it was really hard on me.

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I also hate being naked as I grew up with prudish parents. I hate my body and never let my husband see me in nearly 20 years of marriage. I always kept the light off.

Yeah, I don’t get to see enough bare bosom’s either. You reach 60 and it’s very hard to find volunteers.


Why do you carry that belief with you?
From your mother.
After so many years.

well when you see two guys humping in the mens showers i figured it couldn’t get any worse

Nah tits are way over rated. Saw my mother get out the bath when i was 15 tho, and got scarred for life lol.

I can hear the neighbour bonking upstairs sometimes - and i think “gross”, but hey they are entitled, i just put the headphones on. Im probably miffed cos i aint getting any myself lol.

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