I didnt get the movie ''the big short'' at all

I just saw it and I didn’t get it at all. wow, its scary to be like this… but I found it complicated. it was about what in fact? can somebody resume it for me?
sorry if I am annoying…
otherwise, I struggle,yeap. but I am in depression too I find…

It was a confusing movie for anybody to watch. You would have had to have studied Real Estate in school or be an incredibly good listener to get anything from that movie

There was a housing bubble just waiting to burst. Noone knows exactly why, some people had theories as to why it would burst and they bet money that there would be a real estate crash and somehow they ended up being right and made lots of $$$

Don’t feel bad for not understanding, it’s just a stupid movie

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I thought it was a fantastic film, not too confusing but the plot is fast moving.

They even got Margot Robbie to explain it in the middle of the film.

Don’t worry Anna I mean it’s not the easiest movie to follow. But did you enjoy watching? Did it take away some depression?

Esm explains it well, these people realized that the housing market was about to burst, even though that was not very probable and they bet that it would crash. They made a lot of money when the housing market crashed. Mortgages were not solid at all and they could see a pattern.

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