I didn't get the job

Non certified Medical Lab Scientist. Do they know I got 93% on the test I had to take, last time, even though I skipped class a lot?


Which job did you apply for?

Did they request a certificate in the job requirements?

Sorry to hear that devra

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No. It was a non certified Medical Lab Scientist position. I have a degree.

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Sorry you didn’t get it.

I think it’s common for companies to prefer the younger candidates for entry level positions.

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Did you get referred to this job by someone?
Were they aware of your medical condition?

No. I just saw it advertised. I don’t usually discuss sz. I never have. If they ask why I wasn’t working, I say medical issues, or not actively seeking employment.

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So do they disclose the reasons behind not accepting you? I would ask.

Maybe I should. It was a video interview and I hate them. I think I sounded depressed.

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Aww don’t beat yourself up.
You’re doing the best you can.
Normies can’t comprehend how rough we have it.

If you really want or need a job, keep looking. Hard work pays off eventually

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