I didn't get paid :(

i checked my bank account and i didnt get paid on friday :frowning:

i need that money :frowning:

i’m too scared to phone so i’m going to try and get sweep to phone for me,
she said she would do it, i just hope it isn’t permanent.

i get really worried if i dont get paid

You’re saying the government didn’t pay you?

yes, the government didnt pay me :frowning: i hope its not stopped

i haven’t done anything wrong

I would think if they were stoping the payments, they would have to notify you beforehand, perhaps in writing?
Maybe the your bank people waited to late to post it?
Whatever it is, I hope you get some answers and a payment soon.


try not to worry dreamer, sometimes they r just a little late is all. there shouldn’t b any reason y they would stop ur payments so get sweep to get to the bottom of it. it’s happened to me b4 and i phoned up and they sent the money through two days later so try not to worry. just make sure ur in the room when sweep phones as ull have to give ur permission for them to talk to her. xxx

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things like that happen to me in australia , it is just a glitch in the system, but it is always good to ring up so it is all clarifyed .
take care

i was thinking maybe i had a letter but it was sent to my old address or something,

i thought maybe it was ATOS trying to stop my money because of PIP.

maybe it is just a glitch though


yeah, i phoned them or should i say sweep phoned,

i feel like ■■■■ now really, i hate them and i wish i could tell them to…arghhh

anyway it was to do with my address, i hadn’t changed it or something

its just all the ■■■■ on the phone makes me paranoid and depressed and also a bit panicky :frowning:

i hate it :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil: :speech_balloon: :boom:

At least you know the money will be on it’s way. It’s not like you’ve been cut off.

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i’m getting it thursday, i hate those people :boom:

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