I didn't get all the help I need and I'm scared

I’ve been to several organizations and churches. I thought my appt, today, would get my rent paid. I got less than half, but they’ve referred me to 3 other places. There is hope!

The only thing is that I have agoraphobia, and I have trouble leaving home. I will, when I hear back from them.

Without the help, I won’t be able to pay rent. If that happens, I won’t be able to get food required by my diet for dia bets and gastroparesis.

Do you have any family that could help ?


Both parents are deceased, my brothers live paycheck to paycheck. My step mom was out of work for a couple of months. Thanks for giving this topic attention.

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Maybe you can get leniency with the landlord for a month, for paying half the rent and promising to pay the other half later. But you’d have to do some kind of temp work, like warehouse work, to get quick cash.

Is there a group home you could apply for?

I talked to the property manager BEFORE I tried to get help. They will work with me until the 15th. My mom left the trailer to me, in a trust, and would have to move the trailer.

I’ve thought about a group home, but they don’t have one in the town I live in. I have so many different docs that I need to stay here.

I appreciate your ideas. Thanks so much!

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Are you saying you may be homeless soon? I feel concerned for you if you are on the edge of possible homelessness. Here is a link that might help:

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Hi. I’m sorry you’re dealing with this right now. I hope you can find a way to stay in your apartment. It sounds like the trailer is at least a good backup. Is it located in a place where you can still get to all your appointments?

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I’m sorry that you’re in the situation that you’re in. I am praying that you are able to work this out. Don’t give up hope!


It’s a 3 br 2 bath trailer, in a trailer park where everybody owns. I’ve been living here since 2003. Everybody owns here. There are like 200 trailers.

It’s just me. I’ll keep my religious beliefs to myself, but I still have hope. I’m just scared, and physically sick right now. I’ve talked to the property managers, and all hope is not lost. I guess I’m just going to wait for return calls.

A friend came over today and helped me shower and wash my hair. I’m so thankful. I didn’t throw up today, which is a plus. He brought me a couple of multi packs of glucerna. He’s a normie, and I’ve known him for years.

I have to be strong. I’m trying my best.

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Thanks so much. I’m doing my best. Thanks for the good thoughts.

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